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Deep House Cleaning Services - One Time Home Cleanings

Our Thorough House Cleaners Make One-Time Jobs Simple and Easy

Do you have a family event coming up? Or maybe you’re expecting out-of-town friends to stay and visit? You can count on the area’s premier home cleaning company, The Cleaning Authority, for one-time cleaning services. You’ll get thorough, affordable, and effective disinfecting and sanitizing solutions that eliminate germs at the source. Our professional house cleaning pros use environmentally responsible products that help remove bacteria on contact and promote good air quality at the same time. With our team on your side, you’ll get a top-to-bottom clean that will give you more time to spend with your loved ones.

One-Time Cleaning Service Can Be Performed for Various Reasons

No matter the scope of cleaning or the size of your home, our house cleaning company provides detailed professional home cleaning services that take care of various issues.

Bad Odors That Don’t Go Away

Odors in your home can come from anywhere. If foul odors are emanating from different areas in your home, you can call us to freshen up the space. We make sure to use premium products that disinfect and make your home smell fresh and clean again.

Dust Builds Up Quickly

Sometimes it seems like dust accumulates in your home faster than you can get rid of it. Dust particles in the air can cause breathing issues for chronic conditions and irritate sinuses for allergy sufferers. Let our professional cleaners help you and your family breathe easier with one-time cleaning services that involve thorough dusting of all surfaces.

Hard Surfaces Look Dull, Old, and Dirty

When hard surfaces in your home start to look lackluster because of dirt, dust, or age, you need professionals to bring them back to life. Our one-time house cleaning pros are ready to make quick work of your dull-looking, old, and dingy surfaces and make them shine again.

A Buildup of Scale, Grime, and Dirt

Over time, dirt, grime, and mineral deposits can build up if you don’t give your faucets and showerheads the detailed cleaning they require. Our team can blast through those stubborn stains on everything from floors to countertops with our powerful cleaning solutions to give your home the like-new feeling it deserves.

Your Allergies Have Become More Severe

If you or your family members are consistently dealing with allergies when you’re inside your home, that could be a sign that dirt, dust, and pet dander are affecting your air quality. Our team wants to help you eliminate airborne allergens with our one-time cleaning services by scrubbing, mopping, sweeping, and dusting surfaces.

One-Time Cleaning Services Are Also Great For:

You’re Moving In or Out of a Space

Moving into a new home or out of an old one takes a lot of planning. You have to figure out the logistics of safely moving your belongings in (or out) and ensuring the space is prepped for your arrival or ready for new residents. With years of experience, we can perform a one-time cleaning so that you have one less thing to worry about during your move.

You’re Hosting an Event

Event planning is tedious and requires you to wear several hats to prepare for guests, entertainment, catering, and an all-around good time for everyone. But you can’t have a successful event if your home isn’t cleaned properly. Let The Cleaning Authority support your next get-together with our one-time services.

You Feel Your Home is Due for a Deep Cleaning

You may not have a special event coming up or a tangible reason to clean other than it’s time for it. We want to help you get the deep cleaning you and your family deserve with our one-time cleaning service. We use our Detail-Clean Rotation System to get all the nooks and crannies and not miss a spot.

Call us today for all your one-time cleaning service needs.

Living or Working Areas We Deep Clean

You can rely on our highly trained, insured, and bonded cleaning specialists to tackle every room in your home or workspace with ease.


You’ll barely recognize your kitchen once we’re finished cleaning it. We perform our normal cleaning tasks of disinfecting surfaces, plus we clean your appliances, floors, and cabinet fronts. Cooking stains are no match for our comprehensive cleaning system.


From cleaning picture frames and ceiling fans to dusting lampshades and vacuuming upholstery, your bedrooms will look like they’re ready for the glossy pages of your favorite home magazine. We strive to catch the smallest details when it comes to cleaning your sleeping spaces.


A bathroom can be one of the dirtiest, germ-ridden spaces in your home because bacteria lives on almost all its surfaces without you even knowing. However, our team has state-of-the-art tools and green cleaning techniques to disinfect your bathroom and help.

Living Areas

Living rooms and dining areas see a lot of foot traffic daily, making them prime spaces in need of a top-to-bottom cleaning. We can clean these spaces so you and your family can enjoy quality time together and make more memories.

Home Offices

Your home office may be getting a lot of use lately, and bacteria can live on keyboards, computers, phones, and other high-touch surfaces. Our home cleaners can help you eliminate potentially harmful bacteria without damaging your important devices and office equipment.

Kids Playrooms

Children tend to track dirt and germs inside your home because they love exploring the world—as they should. Our deep cleaning house pros can sanitize your kids’ playroom to help stop the spread of illnesses, so they can get back to being little explorers, and you have complete peace of mind.


We pay close attention to floors in your home and use our powerful cleaning solutions to remove scuff marks, dirt, harmful germs, and so much more. You can rest assured that when we’re finished with the floors and carpets in your space, you’ll have an immaculately clean sanctuary.

What Our One-Time Professional Deep Cleaning Services for Houses and Apartments Include

When we come into your home to clean, we do more than just make it look clean. We strive to ensure that it’s impeccably clean! We pay close attention to all the highly touched surfaces, frequently trafficked areas, lesser-seen spaces for a floor-to-ceiling disinfecting that you’ll be able to see and feel when you enter.


You may vacuum your home frequently, assuming you’ve gotten up all of the dirt and dust. However, you’d be surprised to find that household vacuums aren’t as thorough as they should be in removing debris trapped in carpet fibers. This can leave you with unseen germs and microorganisms contaminating your home at this very moment. The Cleaning Authority uses powerful equipment that will remove dirt at the source so you can feel at ease walking through your home.


Many homeowners assume dusting means just countertops and other flat surfaces. But our team will dust ceiling fans, lampshades, bookcases, and other unique surfaces to remove dust. We use special cloths that attract dust instead of pushing particles around. When you notice dust continues to settle on your hard surfaces, give our team a call and let us remove unwanted debris today.


Mopping your home can be a messy job, especially when you don’t have the correct tools to help ensure you’re eliminating dirt from floors. The environmentally responsible cleaning solutions we use help make your floors sparkle and keep your entire family happy and healthy long-term.


Cleaning your most-used and loved spaces is what we’re known for, but we also make sure that everything we touch is completely sanitized. Our priority is helping you protect the health and safety of your loved ones when we clean your home. With our proven methods and advanced tools, you can always count on our disinfection expertise to remove dirt, grime, and bacteria from hard and soft surfaces.

Wiping Down

Wiping down surfaces might sound like an easy task, but we wipe all of those hard-to-reach spaces and areas you may not have noticed. Our cleaning team wipes down everything from kitchen and bathroom counters, pulls and handles, baseboards, appliances, and so much more. We leave hard and soft surfaces completely clean and disinfected.

Trash Removal

Removing trash from your home or office is a simple task that helps preserve your space, air quality, and the health of your loved ones. Our one-time house cleaning pros will get the trash from your kitchen, bathrooms, and home office.

Reasons to Hire The Cleaning Authority for a One-Time House Deep Cleaning Service

When you trust a house cleaning company to send professional cleaners, you may have several reasons for your decision. Some may be personal, others professional, but we also hope your choice was spurred because you know you’re getting high quality house cleaning services from us every time.

Customers continue to hire our team because:

  • Our Excellent Customer Reviews – We consistently get positive reviews and top ratings for our local cleaning services. You can rely on our deep cleaning house professionals to deliver a clean like no other.
  • Green Housekeeping for Sustainability and Health – One thing that sets our one-time house cleaning services apart from other companies is that our independent locations utilize green cleaning products that help conserve resources, protect the environment, and help promote your family’s health.
  • Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed – When we finish cleaning and disinfecting your space, we always want you to be satisfied with our work.
  • We’re Bonded and Insured – Our company is fully bonded and insured, which means you can have peace of mind when you hire us as your cleaning company.
  • Our Professionally Trained Cleaners – Our house cleaners undergo a rigorous training process that prepares them to provide the exceptional customer service you expect.
  • Your Safety is Our Priority – The professional cleaners that support you are background checked and fully vetted to help ensure your safety and comfort when they enter your home.

Looking for Ongoing House Cleaning and Sanitizing Services?

Not only do we offer one-time services, but we can also support you with home cleaning services on an ongoing basis. We have several cleaning schedules to accommodate your busy lifestyle, including weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual cleanings. All you have to do is contact us at (888) 658-0659 and speak with our team, detailing the type of cleaning you need and how often you need it. We are flexible and can always work with you to show your space some TLC as soon as possible.

One-Time Deep Clean Service FAQs

How Long Do One-Time Cleanings Take?

The time it takes to deliver our house cleaning services depends on the scope of the job. Our professional cleaners are trained to work quickly to get you the results you deserve, but we are also very thorough. With the powerful cleaning products and modern technology we use, we can be in and out of your space within a few hours, leaving you to enjoy your deeply cleaned home.

How Much Does a One-Time Cleaning Cost?

One-time cleaning costs can vary depending on several factors, including the space’s size, the presence of animals, the tools needed, the condition of the space, and more. Our home cleaners will discuss pricing with you before we ever enter your home, so there are no surprises. Other home cleaning companies may add extra expenses to your final bill, but we always offer honest prices and estimates.

What Factors Can Affect One-Time Cleaning Costs?

  • The Condition of a Space – When you hire our home cleaning company to provide deep cleaning services, a small cost could be incurred based on the condition of your space. This means we’ll consider how much cleaning is involved. If there are piles of clothing or excessive amounts of trash to remove, these factors will be calculated into the one-time cleaning cost.
  • Size of Areas Needed to be Cleaned – Our professional cleaners can clean spaces of virtually any size. However, larger spaces will cost a little more to clean than smaller spaces. Regardless of the size of your property, we consistently deep clean all rooms we encounter using environmentally responsible products and years of training and knowledge.
  • The Materials Required – Sometimes, the tools and products we use aren’t simply enough to get the deep house cleaning you need and deserve. There are instances where we must use everything in our arsenal to give your home the detailed cleaning we promise, which can cost a little more. However, we will always communicate with you about any new strategy that will require extra spending.
  • Unique Feature Requiring Special Attention – Your home is your unique space. You’ve spent years tailoring it to fit you, meaning you have one-of-a-kind pieces that might require cleaning. With our one-time cleaning service, you can expect our home cleaners to take extra care of any unique items in your home that need our skills. Remember that using special techniques and products to avoid damage may be an added expense that we will discuss with you.
  • Frequency of Cleaning Visits – Our one-time local cleaning services are inexpensive but give your home the thorough cleaning it requires to help keep your family healthy. You can certainly use our services more often and control your cleaning schedule to fit your busy lifestyle and budget. Let us know if you need frequent visits, and we can happily accommodate.
  • You Have Animals in Your Home – We’re sure you’re using our one-time deep cleaning house services because you want to help provide a clean environment for your four-legged companion. However, we ask that you please disclose this information in advance of the one-time deep cleaning visit to protect our house cleaners and your pet.

When Should a One-Time Cleaning Be Performed?

While personal preference and other circumstances can influence when a cleaning should be performed, we see many people schedule cleanings at least four times a year. Doing so helps get rid of dust, grime, dirt, and other buildup that regular cleaning doesn't address.

Signs you should schedule a one-time cleaning include:

  • Bad odors that don't go away
  • Dust builds up quickly in your home
  • Hard surfaces look dull, old, and dirty
  • Buildup of scale, grime, and dirt
  • Your allergies have become more severe

One-time cleanings are also great for people moving into new spaces such as new homes, apartments, offices, and more. If you're having an event, a one-time cleaning can be a great way to make sure everything is perfect for your guests!

Call Our Local One-Time Cleaning Service Experts Today! When you need to get your home ready to welcome guests or host a special event, you can trust our local cleaning service experts to deliver affordable and exceptional one-time cleaning—or ongoing cleaning—whenever needed. We’re always prepared with advanced techniques and strategies that leave you basking in the cleanliness and comfort of your newly and thoroughly disinfected space.

** Please check with your local office, as services may vary by location.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • We Treat Your Home Like Our Home

    Our cleaning crews are professionally trained, and if you’re ever unhappy with any area we’ve cleaned, we’ll return the next day and reclean it.

  • Immediate, Accurate Online Quotes

    We’ll give an immediate price quote so you can enjoy your time rather than worry about the mess.

  • We Are Fully Bonded and Insured

    At The Cleaning Authority, we are fully bonded and insured, meaning you can have peace of mind when we enter your home.

  • Our Passion for the Environment

    We as a company are committed to using cleaning products that are environmentally responsible, sustainable, and safe for the Earth.

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